What is shipping insurance upgrade?

EMS, Via Sea shipping option only cover up to JPY20,000 (or up to declared Invoice amount) in the case of damage, loss or stolen package.

If your ordered product cost more than JPY20,000 and if you want to fully cover your ordered product amount with insurance, please kindly select this at check out:

Please note we cannot upgrade insurance with Air Small Packet.

They have limited insurance up to JPY6,000


**Please note**

Unlike event of loss, damage or stolen package, we need to lodge investigation request to Japan Post. We request to submit the claim to your postal office also so your claim will be processed faster.

Please note, Japan Post need to contact your postal office in your country for the investigation and there is no fixed time frame. It can take up to 3 months.

We cannot issue refund / resend your order till we receive confirmed result from Japan Post or if your claim has been rejected, we cannot offer compensation either. 



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*with a minimum of JPY10,000 purchase