What is BanzaiMarket? 
 BanzaiMarket is Japan proxy shopping service on steroid. 
You can enjoy shopping from Japanese Market Place direct from our Online Shop. 
No more guesstimate of shipping cost within Japan and shipping cost to you in your country. 
No more fees handling per product / and per order.
Our price is all in one, final price you have to pay and you can easily see shipping cost to your country before you purchase the products. 
Once, you place an order with us, your order will be ordered in from the Japanese market place on behalf of you. Please allow 2-5 working days to ship your order. 
Please note, although, our system is connected to market place in real time, there is a time stock may gone out of stock at market place. If this occurs, your credit card will not be charged as we only take payment authorization and wil not charge your credit card till your order is actually confirmed. 
We are looking forward to provide you with various Japanese Hobby Products and beyond!