Yokomo YZ-114SPB Charger/Discherger and Cycler (AC/DC)

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Yokomo YZ-114SPB

Charger / Discharger and Cycler


Now, with Li-Po / Li-Fe Cycler!

You can check each cell's charging balance with display. Further more, Delta Peak Cut Off system and temperature sensor. These will ensure the safety when charging the batteries.

Include Quick Charger System.

This battery can also charge Ni-Cd Battery or Ni-Mh Battery.


Yokomo YZ-114SPB Charger x 1
Power Supply Cable x 1 (for Japanese Domestic Use)
Power Supply Cable x 1 (DC 12V)
Temperature Sensor x 1
Balancer Extension Cords x 1
7.2V Battery Connect Cords x 1
Mini Battery Connect Cords x 1
Banana Connector cords x 1
Clip Connector x 1

Power supply DC11-15V AC100-240V(50/60Hz)
Battery-number of the cells

Li-po 1-5cell (3.7-18.5V)
Li-fe 1-2cell (3.3-6.6V)
Ni-cd/Ni-MH 1-14cell (1.2-16.8V)

charge current

Ni-cd/Ni-MH 0.1-5.0A(0.1A step)
Li-ion/Li-po/Li-fe 100-5000mAh 1C (100mAh step)

Discharge current Ni-cd/Ni-MH/Li-ion/Li-po/Li-fe 0.1-2.0A (100mAh step)
Discharge cut voltage Ni-cd/Ni-MH 0.1-16.8V(0.1V step)
Li-ion/Li-p/Li-feo 3.0V/cell
Delta peak voltage Ni-cd/Ni-MH 3-25mV/cell
Display 2?16 LCD Backlight
Case size W158?D144?H58mm
Weight 610g

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