Ko Propo VFS FR (with Reverse)

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Ko Propo VFS FR >High quality ESC with reverse

Ko Propo 40043

The further evolution of the VFS-1 has accomplished the changeable frequency systems. This is a high performance model with a backbone of the successful functions of the VFS Series.The frequency setting width is 0.56KHz-5.26KHz. 64 different frequency settings can be set in each setup across the 32 steps of the throttle. This is a forward and reverse esc. The reverse function can be turned off to make the esc a forward only or you can turn off the brake function to go straight into reverse.

Various parameters can be set by ICS (Interactive Communication System) besides the drive frequency: frequency of brake, throttle mode setting, power save voltage, throttle response and current limiter.

Key Features
* Control method: Changeable control
* The maximum peak current:960A (FET specs.)
* Continuous, maximum current: 240A (FET specs.)
* Accessory: Ultimate Shotki Diode Single, Ultimate Condenser, 15 GA
*Size: 32.6x29.0x19.4.4mm (size of case)
* 25.3g in weight (The silicon wire excluded)
* Proper power-supply voltage: 4.8-8.4V (4-7 cells)
* Drive frequency: 0.56-5.26KHz (64 steps) initialization 2.0kHz
* Output voltage for receiver: 6V (input 7.2v)
* Output current for receiver: 2A (maximum peak)

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