G-Style Team Bomber F104 Conversion Kit Type 01

G-StyleTeam Bomber TB40011 | 

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G-Style Team Bomber TB40011

Tamiya F104 Conversion Kit Type 01

  • Team Bomber F104 Conversion Kit is designed for faster, stable yet faster cornering compare to Tamiya F104 Standard Chassis.
  • Using high power motor?? No worries with Team Bomber F104 Conversion Kit.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • More Setting Points for further tuning
  • Winning F1RCGP! (TQ & Win)
Kit Includes:
  • SP Carbon Chassis
  • SP Racing Upper Deck (3 settings for pitching damper)
  • High Grip One Piece T-Bar (S&M)
  • SP Racing T-Bar Block (Shifting Roll point to the front end > more rear traction, easy control)
  • HC Friction System

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