Tamiya Tamiya 72102 Gear Head Motor - 380K75 & 130mm Pin Spike Set

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Tamiya 72102

Gear Head Motor - 380K75 & 130mm Pin Spike Set

Introducing a new series of component materials designed for use in building competition-ready robots! These high quality and heavy-duty parts give you the tools you need to dominate at robot competition events.

The second release is a transmission unit consisting of 2 powerful gear head motors and 2 monster pin spike tires that are ideal for traversing rough terrain. One unit (1 tire & motor) can support approximately 2kg, with total supporting weight of approximately 4kg. 380K75 motor running from a DC7.2V power source has rotational speed of 242 rpm (unloaded) and max torque of 5.0 kg/cm. Running speed is 1m per 1.35 seconds (with 4kg load). Total weight of set is 660g.

Set includes * AO-8021 Gear Head Motor 380K75 x2 * 1/10 Monster Pin Spike Tire (from Item 50374) x2 * Motor mount, wheel hub shaft x2 * Assorted screws, nuts and assembly tools

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