Tamiya Spray-Work HG Single Air Brush

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Tamiya 74519

In 1994, Tamiya released the Spray-Work HG Single Action Airbrush Set (Item #74508) which included the airbrush hand piece, and a 200ml propellent can with connecting hose and joints. Now, we are bringing out an improved version of the single airbrush hand piece. The new version features an improved internal seal, as opposed to the o-ring used on the previous version. This new seal prevents paint from leaking back into the rear of the device and obstructing flow of air, working to extend the life of the airbrush. The simple, single-action airbrush is easy to use and maintain, and is ideal for beginners, yet has enough potential to satisfy advanced modelers. The airbrush can be used for a wide range of modeling applications from the delicate drawing of 1mm lines to the overall coating of a 1/24 car body. The airbrush is chrome-plated and equipped with a large 15cc cup.

Spray-Work HG Single Air Brush

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