Wrap-Up Next [PRE-ORDER]0112-FD VX Gear Bulk Head + Floating Sus Mount 2.5mm

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Wrap-Up Next 0112-FD
This item is for PRE-ORDER. ETA is towards End of July - Early August.

We have decided to open up PRE-Order for this item as we cannot usually
fill enough quantity for our customers demand! ETA is End of July -
Early August 2014 but these can be changed without any notices by
manufacturer and it is common occurrence. Please understand the nature
of PRE-ORDER. In return, if you place PRE-Order now, we will try our
best to secure the products for you.

0112-FD VX Gear Bulk System plus Floating Suspension Mount 2.5mm Black
For FR-D/Drift Package
By using Floating Suspension mount, Roll Center (Skid) and Toe-in can be adjusted freely with spacers.

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