Tamiya Kettenkraft w/Goliath - Finished Model Mk.II

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Tamiya #26547

Kettenkraft w/Goliath - Finished Model Mk.II

Kettenkraft kit which features a Goliath Demolition vehicle


About the Kettenkraftrad
The Kettenkraftrad featured three forward and one reverse gears and was used in a variety of roles such as a transportation vehicle, a power generator, a communications vehicle, towing vehicle etc. It was capable of towing a 4 ton load and was widely used to tow artillery and equipment, as well as aircraft when used by the Luftwaffe.


About the Goliath
The Goliath was a remote control operated self-detonation vehicle. An 800m-long cable enabled remote control access to far away targets and remote detonation of its 60kg load of explosives.


Specs & Features
  • This is a finished model of the Kettenkraftrad w/Goliath Demolition Vehicle.
  • You are able to display your models as they are, once removed from the cube-shaped box.
  • Kettenkraft length: 64mm.
  • Goliath length: 66mm.
  • One driver figure included.
  • A light weathering is applied to enhance the realistic appearance of the model.
  • Spin-cast metal weight adds a greater sense of volume to the Kettenkraftrad.

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