Hasegawa Ju87G-2 STUKA ""TANK ATTACKER""

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Hasegawa JT54 (09054)

1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit.

Planning for the new D-series of the Ju87 began in the early 1940s.
An oil cooler is attached to the underside of the nose, and radiators are installed on both sides of the underside of the main wing, resulting in a cleaner nose cowling shape than the B series, and a streamlined windshield and main landing gear covers.
It became a shape and became an excellent aerodynamic aircraft.
We also increased the fuel capacity and added bulletproof steel plates around the crew. Although the D type was introduced to each front, it was clearly inferior to Allied fighters at a maximum speed of about 400 km / h.
However, there was still room for action on the Eastern Front, where there were few Allied high-performance fighters.
The D-5 has extended wingtips and is equipped with a detachable main landing gear as a countermeasure against the wing load, which has increased to near the limit due to repeated upgrades, and the late model has had its dive brakes removed.
The G-2 was based on the D5 fuselage, with 37mm cannons attached to the underside of both wings and the 20mm cannons on the wings removed.

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