Tamiya JR Hotshot Jr. (MS Chassis)

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Tamiya 18624

In 1986, the first Hot Shot Junior of the Racer 4WD Series was released. The Hotshot was Tamiyas first "Racing Buggy," and was extremely popular, leading to its redesign into a Mini 4WD car that could fit the palm of your hand. that time, that design was greatly supported by elementary school children. This led to the Mini 4WD evolving from just being 4WD models to machines for use in a new type of racing hobby.

The Hotshot Jr. has been given a facelift and is being released as the newest member of the Mini 4WD PRO Series. This Hotshot Jr. inherits the nostalgic body and uses the same spike tires as the first Hotshot Jr. With its 3-piece MS Chassis and the double shaft motor, it performs extremely well. This is a model that combines the history and evolution of Mini 4WD, making it perfect for fans of all ages.


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  • Battery: 2AA
  • Paint: Optional
  • Misc. Items: Basic building tools

JR Hotshot Jr. (MS Chassis)






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