Kawada D4 Drift Tires - Soft Compound

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kawadakawada TU50S | 

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Kawada TU50S

Go Sideway with new Kawada D4 Drift Tires!!

D4 tires are made out of resin materials (First resin material drift tires released from Kawada). Slide side way easily yet give you plenty of grip when going straight.

This is soft compound. Emphasis is on fast drifting. Ideal for inermediate to expert drifters!!

* Easy to drift round shape.
With round shape, you can easily drift no matter what angle or speed you start to drift.

* Silent Sponge
It comes with silent sponge which goes between D4 tires and wheels. This will decrease the noise which is typical with Resin Material Drift Tires.

* Superb Control
Kawada has developed Resin materials which can give you superb distance when you go side way yet give you superb control. When the machine starts going over your ideal line (start sliding too much) apply your accelerator and it simply should give you enough grip to go back to your ideal line!

This listing is for a set of four Drift Tires.


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