Yokomo BD-500GS Gear DiDifferential Unit for BD5 Series

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Yokomo BD-500GS

BD-500GS Gear Differential Unit for BD5 Series

This is the optional parts gear differential unit corresponding to the running of a new era. Even in situations prone to grease out of the ball differential in de-modify-category powerful, to maintain and handed def using the rear differential gear this unit, to maintain constant cornering characteristics. You can also use the front in the stock category, and eliminate the understeer of the solid axle is used, by changing the viscosity of the grease to be enclosed in a sealed case in the course, it is also possible to fine-tune the degree handed def.
Made of aluminum, which has been subjected to hard anodized, joint cup long-life type for mounting the protector dog bone. Gear is a method bevel 4 of lightweight resin. Installed size is the same as the standard, it is bolt-on can be installed before or after the BD5 series.

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