Yokomo B-MAX2MR3 B-Max2 MR Ver.3 Kit

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Yokomo B-MAX2MR3

B-MAX2MR3 B-Max2 MR Ver.3 Kit

B-MAX2 MR popular model change! Standard with the new aluminum main chassis, which is integrated to the front skid plate and show the driving characteristics of good response to the weapon the height of the stiffness. In response to artificial turf carpet road surface and it is growing these days in particular, it will acquire advantage in running a high-grip road surface that will become mainstream in the future. In addition, to prevent the blurring of the shock shaft by shock bottom Postal Code is also changed, mounting the new plastic shaft , veteran air contamination of the cylinder, we extend the maintenance cycle and stability of shock absorption.

■ (can be selected mid-engine, rear of engine) new design aluminum one-piece main chassis
■ New design Aluminum Rear suspension Mount (3,3.5,4? toe-selectable)
cab forward body type NEW
steel turn buckle
doublepath release clutch
Aluminum front embers
■ New shock bottom cap
■ "C-clip" universal shaft
■ Full ball bearings
paradise off-road wing
pinion gear with wheel (without tires)

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