Tamiya 18631 JR Spin-Axe Mk.II - MS Chassis

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Tamiya 18631

JR Spin-Axe Mk.II - MS Chassis

Featuring in the popular Japanese Anime "Bakuso Kyodai Let's & Go," the Spin-Axe Mk.II was produced from a proposal by character Tokichi Mikuni. Based on the original Spin-Axe, this machines oblong headlights and body have been brushed-up , giving it a more glamorous style. In addition, the Spin-Axe also features a cockpit area similar to the Spin Viper (19429) and a wider body to give the impression that it glides like a flying squirrel.

  • Newly designed body is made from ABS resin for greater strength and durability.
  • Fluorescent yellow wheels.
  • Motor included.
  • Loaded on the excellent three piece MS Chassis.
  • Requires two R6/AA/UM3 batteries. (Sold separately)
  • Without remodeling, the Spin-Axe Mk.II's body can be mounted on items 18609-18613,18621, 18622, & 18629 (Standard small diameter wheel machines).
  • Mounting the Spin-Axe Mk.II's body to Mini 4WD Pro chassis' with large diameter wheels,Grade-Up Items 15358 or 15359 Low-Height Tire & Wheels Set, or smaller diameter wheels such as Items 15120, 15213 and 15219 are required. It is also recommended to use Item 15349 Mini 4WD Pro Super Speed ​​Gear Set (For MS Chassis).

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