Yokomo MSR-BDFWD Master Speed ​​BDFWD Assembly Chassis Kit

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The FWD touring car, which you can enjoy with stable operation, has evolved to the latest specifications with a graphite suspension arm, which is the mainstream these days, and a completely lower center of gravity!
The kit adopts an aluminum main chassis as standard, and the shape of the front section has been revised to provide outstanding stability despite the heavy front section. The adoption of a low center of gravity shock tower and short shock, as well as a small diameter spur gear and new motor mount, results in a thoroughly low center of gravity, which, combined with the effect of the front low mount stabilizer, realizes high speed cornering.
Since the rear is equipped with RTC rear toe control as standard, it is easy to obtain turning characteristics that match the course layout, reduce understeer that is common with FWD machines, and improve time with sharp cornering.

■ Belt drive FWD touring car ■ Front mid motor ■ Front bumper weight ■ Sliding motor mount ■ Aluminum steering bell crank ■Rear mass damper

Technical data 

full length 370 mm full width 190 mm Wheelbase 258mm (adjustable)

Secondary reduction ratio 1:1.9

All equipment weight 1350g

Assembly chassis kit contents item Name

1 BD FWD chassis kit

2 assembly instructions

3 shock oil Oven differential oil Five tools

What you need before running

1 2 channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo)

2 Driving battery (square short size Li-po 2 cells)

3 Battery compatible charger for driving

4 engine

5 tires

6 wheel 7 Pinion gear (64 pitch)

8 body

9 Polycarbonate paint for body painting

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