Yokomo MSR-010A Master Speed ​​MS1.0 Kit Aluminum Chassis

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The latest competition touring car MS1.0, which speed category racers have been waiting for, is now available! Its performance has already been proven to bring about a definite upgrade, including beating in races where prototypes were entered.
The suspension has a supple overall finish, but the reduction of unsprung weight and alignment settings make it possible to drive with good response. His A-type upper arm, which was newly adopted in MS1.0, comes with two types: a resin- integrated type that is easy to adjust, and a type that allows you to freely change the alignment.
You can choose from adjustable turnbuckles.
Other features include a lightweight graphite lower arm, a slim T-shaped upper deck, and new Yokomo shocks and springs, all of which have a flex setting that sticks to the road. The main chassis will also be available in two types: graphite chassis specification and hard aluminum chassis specification.
So you can choose according to the road surface you are driving on.

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