Acuvance (Keyence) Xarvis XX Black ESC

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Acuvance (Keyence)Acuvance Xarvis XX Black | 4541283606405

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* Highest FET on the market. Excel in torque and efficiency.

* Alert LED when you accidentally connect reverse battery (+ and -)

* BEC Voltage Swith Over System (6.0V/7.4V) > Powerful action with 7.4V High Torque Servo

* 2 coonectors for FANS (Rey-Storm and for Fan for Fledge)

* Newly designed 3D Bridge / Fan Floating Set Up > Better air flow and cooling effect.

* Nely designed capacitor terminal for easy soldering

* New Xarvis XX Setting

* Setting up wtih TAO II (both wired or wireless)

* Capable with Futaba S.Bus Wireless communication (require softwawre update).

* Set up with Ne-St

*Non-Boost / Non-Turbo with LED

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