KATO 8081-3 TAKI1000 (Late Type) JOT, ENEOS w/Ecorail L

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8081-3 TAKI1000 (Late Type) JOT, ENEOS w/Ecorail Logo

──Commercialized Taki 1000 late model ENEOS with eco rail mark, which is often seen in eastern Japan!

[Product introduction]
- The Taki 1000 appeared in 1993 as a high-speed tank truck capable of operating at a maximum speed of 95km/h.
-The trolley has been improved since No. 403, and the FT21A trolley without a reinforcing plate has been adopted.
- The Taki 1000, which is painted in the green and gray colors of Japan Oil Transport and has the ENEOS mark and eco rail mark attached, is operated for railway oil transportation from the oil refinery facility in Negishi, Kanagawa Prefecture, to inland areas such as Nagano Prefecture. I'm here.
- It is a freight car suitable for various EF64 1000 released in February and EF210 currently on sale.
- Enjoy tanker trains with 5 to 18 cars.

[Product Features]
- Commercialized vehicles with ENEOS and eco rail marks from among the groups classified as late models manufactured after 1998 (1998)
-Reproduce frame-equipped brakes and improved FT21A truck
-Realistic reproduction of body shape with different diameter body using plastic molding technology
- The side ladder reproduces the appearance that was painted separately like the tank
- Snap-on trolley adopted
-Each car adopts a truck mount type Arnold coupler
-In addition to the 8 cars included in the set case, an additional 4 cars can be stored.

[set content]
-Taki 1000-837

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