Bandai HG Boundary Battlers Meiles Goyo Custom 1/72 Scale

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BandaiBandai 2704781 | 4573102663863

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"Mayles Goyo Custom" is a commercial," that is powered by another protagonist of "Boundary Battle" (Goyoko Seki) from the main character.
■ With an emphasis on extensibility, the 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter connection holes are arranged in various locations. Combine with the weapon set series sold separately, you can also arrange the original plastic model.
■ Comes with a variety of weapons such as arm pile, normal salt rifle, and normal handgun.
■ Normal Salt Rifle and Normal Handgun can be attached to any connection hole by using the included joints.
- The stakes on the arm pile are movable and can be recreated without replacement.

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