KATO [PO MAR 2024] 10-1935 aki 43000+Taki 1000 Japan Oil Terminal 10-Car Set

Kato - Precision Railroad ModelKato 10-1935 | 4949727692494

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Commercialized the Taki 43000 and Taki 1000 owned by Japan Oil Terminal.
The bogie and coupler are set in Taki 43000: black, Taki 1000: gray.
Depending on the car number, the position of various notations, the background color of the company name notation board, the presence or absence of the Eco Rail mark, etc. are differentiated.
Two of the late models of the Taki 1000 retain the Japan oil transport paint color (green + gray) and reproduce the appearance that became the notation of the Japan oil terminal.
All models are equipped with the Arnold coupler as standard.
Reflector included.
The set case can store 2 cars as well as 10 additional cars.

* Model Railroad is a system that supplies power from rails. Batteries are not used even when running, emitting light, or lighting.
* This product does not include batteries.
* This product does not use fuel.
* This product does not include fuel.
* This product does not include paint.

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