KATO 10-1633 Series 455 Ordinary Express Bandai Six Car Set (6-Car Set)

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1975 (1975) Commercialized the form of the heyday that was active as an express train with a full renewal.

Reproduce the characteristics of vehicles that were active in the Tohoku region, such as a square pedestal voltage detection antenna with an auxiliary horn and a rotating Typhon.

Accurately reproduces the body with a passenger door with steps and the wiring on the roof peculiar to AC/DC trains.

The Moha 454 reproduces the characteristics of an air-conditioned modified car with 6 rows of louvers under the pantograph on one side.

The red No. 13 (red bean color) body + cream No. 4 belt beautifully expresses the standard painting of express AC/DC trains in the JNR era.

The adoption of a slotless motor realizes smooth and quiet running performance. The express "Bandai" 6-car set does not have traction tires in consideration of combined operation.

Uses a snap-on trolley.

The coupler is equipped with a body mount close coupler (without hook) for both the top and middle cars. In addition, it is possible to optionally attach a separate body support to the front of the leading car.
The top car is "Bandai" cars 1 and 6, and "Matsushima" cars 7 and 13 have headlights / taillights, front display lighting (with turn off switch).
Both Kumoha 455 are already attached to the front holo. Kuha 455 can attach the front holo if you like.
The front display is "express" printed.
Comes with a replacement front display (plain), a destination display sticker that includes side destination sabo, car number sabo, etc.

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Kuha 455-3
Moha 454-21
Kumoha 455-21
Salo 455-39
Moha 454-17 (M)
Kumoha 455-17

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