GodHand Quick Drill Bit Set of 8 (D) GH-DBQ-8D Hobby Tools

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Hexagonal shaft drill blade designed specifically for model making.
You can dig holes without worrying about emptation.

Set of 8 hexagonal shafts with 0.16 inch (4 mm) shaft diameters, drill diameters 0.08 inch (2.1 mm), 0.11 inch (2.2 mm), 0.11 inch (2.3 mm), 0.1 inch (2.4 mm), 0.11 inch (2.7 mm) ), 0.1 inch (2.1 inch (2

The hexagonal shaft ensures that the connection parts are firmly bite together, so you can work with confidence without worrying about emptying around.
The overall length is shorter and closer to the object than a typical drill blade, making it easier to focus and control.
The tip of the drill blade is designed with a blunt angle, so it can be dipped shallow and dig holes without penetrating through thin plastic sheets.

It is more slowly than the sharp edge of the blade, so it is less likely to shake and the holes are distorted easily. Even the edges of the digged holes are finished.

In addition, for drill blades with 0.06 inch (1.5 mm) or more, the blade is added to the tip part.
By increasing the penetration power, you can dig with light force without resistance.

Simply plug it into the "Quick Power Pin Vise" (sold separately).
It is very easy to put on and take off the pin vice and improve your work efficiency.

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