G-FORCE G0325 Kamui 10.5T Brushless Motor

G FORCEG-Force G0325 | 4580416433259

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Perfect Response! Silky as brake.

Kamui Brushless Motor Series!

Controllable load & attitude control by acceleration / deceleration!

Looking ahead to the tide of the recent competition drift scene, we thoroughly pursued the lightness of rolling and smooth torque characteristics. Achieves light rolling and flat torque characteristics that enable controllable behavior even in severe road conditions with little deceleration feeling.

     Attitude control by turning the throttle on / off is more active and easier!
     Uses large diameter bearings. Improves the holding power of the shaft and greatly improves the rotation accuracy!
     Great heat dissipation by exposing the core and applying a special!
     Excellent cable maneuverability, dual sensor specifications that can be mounted on any chassis!

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