Fujimi NX-9EX-5 1/24 Car NEXT Series No.9 EX-5 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Two-Tone Orange Type)

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New color variations are available in the FH Cruiser in the 1/24 car NEXT series.

Product is a kit form that requires assembly. 1/24 scale.
No need for painting: The parts are colored in the mold color, and the body has a glossy texture that cannot be achieved with paint.
No Glue Required: The design allows for easy assembly.

The image is a two-tone orange set as a single color package in 2012.
The body is reproduced with a special orange coloring molding parts, and the surface is highly glossy and does not require clear painting.
The size of the 1/24 scale has been accurately reproduced with fine sculptures.
Product differs from the actual vehicle (standard specifications) due to the convenience of a mold, in the wheel, fog, and bumper.

The body is made of a special molded material to recreate a level of gloss that is difficult to describe with paint.
The molded colors are composed of 9 varieties: orange, black, silver, white, clear smoke, clear, clear red, and clear orange.
Even if you assemble it straight, the visuals like painted by colored parts, parting parts significantly reduces masking work even in the case of painting.

The body is a box shaped by a sliding mold, with fewer pieces for easy assembly.
A classic construction from the NEXT series that incorporates hoods, rear gates, roofs, etc. into the body parts.
The outer board of the body is designed with an undergate, so the gate cut surface is exposed and will not stand out.
The recessed molds, such as door panels, have been reproduced in a variety of depths that can be used to hold paint strainers.

The side windows have separate parts between the window frame and the glass to create a realistic shape.
The chassis parts are one-piece design, including the frame, reducing the number of parts and making crafting easy.

The front and side turn signals include molded parts that are painted in clear orange.
Brake lamps come with molded parts that are clear red tint including the high mount part.
Rear wind glass and rear glass are available in clear smoke molded colors to replicate smoke state.

As a bonus part, the optional roof carrier (domestic specifications) is included in the actual vehicle and can be attached with glue.
Front/rear bumper, underguard, side mirror, door knob is also included for custom use and black molded parts.

The included stickers reproduce the detailed colors and are pre-cut for easy application.
Stickers include meter panel, logo, vehicle number, etc.
The black part of the wind has a pre-cut film seal that can be reproduced without painting.

The tires are made of soft rubber material and are included exclusively for FJ cruisers.
The wheels are sealed with factory optional 17x7 1/2J aluminum wheels in silver molding.

Number of assembly parts: 108

Included Accessories:
Runner x 21
Rubber tires x 4.
Assembly instructions x 2
Seal x 2

This product is manufactured in Japan.
This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.

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