Fujimi 12NX-13 1/12 NEXT Series No.13 Honda CT125 (HUNTER CUB) Midi Blue/Custom Color Ver.

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Modeled "Midi Blue" color that is unique and unique that is not found in genuine colors.

Product is a kit form that requires assembly. 1/12 scale.
Each piece is molded and colored. Easy assembly with parts interlocking together design.
No Glue Required: The design allows for easy assembly.

The introduction of the first Cross Cubs in the 2010s, and the current Super Cubs debuted in 2017.
The CT125 Hunter Cub, reminiscent of the former CT110, was introduced in 2020.
It has been finished as a leisure bike with a slightly larger body compared to the C125 and has a strong medium and low ride. It has characteristic models such as a muffler like the CT110 and square turn signals.
The actual car is available in 3 colors: red, beige, and green, but there are also unique implements such as custom color of the shop and the original color of the user.

The product is based on CT125 Hunter Cub which was released in 2021 and features a custom color motif.
Equipped with a tandem step and a muffler cover is attached to Japanese domestic specifications.
The size of the 1/12 scale has been accurately reproduced the detailed model.

The body is made of a special molded material that reproduces the color tone similar to the actual car.
The molded colors are composed of 7 types: blue, gloss black, black, silver, clear, and clear red.
The molded color is a specific color for this product.

The engine body is made of black and silver parts with a molded color that forms a block shape.
The left and right "HONDA" engraving is reproduced using delicate mold carving.
Movable side stand and center stand

The switches around the handle have been accurately reproduced in 3D, and the markings are reproduced using the included stickers.
The meter is covered with clear parts for a realistic style.
The wing mark on the center of the handle is reproduced with a sticker, and the details such as the master cylinder on the right hand.

The sheet is constructed with a 3-piece construction along with the fabric seams.
The seat can be moved (opened/closed). 3D to the inner oil hole, tank cap is a separate part for easy application.

The tandem step can be stored and deployed, and can be changed by replacing the parts.
Highly visible and distinctive rear carrier features a sliding mold and one piece piece.
The rear carrier is available in gloss black that is different from the original color.

The wheels and spokes are molded in one piece, making them as thin as the super Cubs from the same series.
(*Real cars have black wheels/spokes in silver and some color variations for modeling)
Wheel built into the vehicle is rotatable

The included tires are rubber parts used specifically for the CT125 hunter cub.
The included sticker is a special color specification, and the side of the CT125 gray letters are reproduced.

Finished Size: 6.5 x 2.7 x 4.3 inches (165 x 69 x 109
Number of assembly parts: 126
Included Accessories:
Runner x 16
Rubber tires x 2
Assembly instruction manual x 1
Sticker x 1

This product is manufactured in Japan.
This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.

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