Fine Mold 72952 1/72 Aircraft Series US Air Force F-15D Fighter Planes Plastic Model

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Finemold 72952 1/72 Aircraft Series US Air Force F-15D Fighter Aircraft Plastic Model

In the mid-1970s, the F-15 fighter aircraft rush deployed as the flagship of the United States Air Force, transitioned production to the C-shape with improved Avionics.
When the flight simulation device was unmated, the binocular B type required to perform a model conversion training is also produced as an updated and D model, but from the moment, we have moved to specifications applied to the MSIP (Multi-stage Improvement Program: Multi-Stage Performance Improvement Plan).
Later, based on the double seated F-15D, it will develop into the F-15E Strike Eagle.

The kit reproduces the cockpit, etc., which can be duplicated in a new mold.
Limited Edition

This product is a plastic model that requires assembly and painting.
Adhesives, tools, paints, etc., are required for assembly and painting.
"Plastic Model" is a registered trademark owned by the Japan Plastic Model Industrial Cooperative Association.

This product does not include any adhesives, paint, tools, or batteries.

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