Bandai RG King of Braves GaoGaiGar

BandaiBandai 2602252 | 4573102633989

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From "King of Braves GaoGaiGar" comes GaoGaiGar with a design unique to RG ■ Combines transformation and abundant action performance while seeking images from the series. High dimensional proportions that have been interpreted and verified by the original plastic model. - We thoroughly pursue various joint mechanisms to achieve a flexible range of motion until it has a deformation combination mechanism. ■ With years of accumulation of design, mold, and molding technology, you can recreate the color coding similar to the image of the anime. - Can be combined with various gao machines. ■ New developed hand parts that represent the intense action of GaoGaiGer. Fully articulated knuckles ■ Precision construction of the leg "shoelaces" combines one part at a time. Sliding movement reduces interference during action. Allows for a wide range of knee movement - The stealth gao attached to the back is equipped with a gimmick of heat dissipating fin opening when Hell and Heaven. - Divider drivers use metal parts and are designed for texture. Built in spring and elastic gimmick on shaft ■ Includes PET parts that reproduce when the protective shade is activated. ■ Comes with a fixed large hand part that is inspired by Helln Heaven operating scene. Accessories: Movable finger hand parts x 1, Hell and Haven image hand parts x 1, Giger hand parts x 2, Joint parts x 1, Lead wire x 1, Dividing driver x 1, Protective shade image effect x 1, Realistic decal x 1, Metallic 3D sticker x 1.

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