Tamiya 74543 Compressor Revo II w/HG Single Air Brush (Air Brush)

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Compressor Revo II w/HG Single Air Brush (Air Brush)

In addition to sufficient pressure and air flow, HG Compressor Revo has A quiet operating noise is renewed by stable air and low pulsation.
Compact compressors white body color. Airbrush comes with three differently shaped holders, also has anti-vibration mats soften the vibration.

Reliable partner for the finish masterpiece
Immediately enjoy high-quality air brush paint, which is a set of compressor and airbrush.
HG Compressor Revo II, and the static air pressure and airflow to ensure adequate, stable pulsating low
Operating noise characteristics or not. Do not take place in a compact body is white color. Three different types of shape
Was also set air brush holder and anti-vibration mat. HG airbrush system structure is simple
Le operating airbrush. Features a beautiful finish over the fog because of their high accuracy. Width of about 1mm thin
They will complete it until the whole of the car model paint from blowing.

100V power supply for home use only.
Size: W185mm

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