KATO 7008-G DD51-800 Takasaki Rail Yard

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── Royal train spare machine DD51 895 with a shining silver belt

[Product introduction]
--We will commercialize the DD51 800 series belonging to the JR East Takasaki Vehicle Center.
--As of 2021, JR East Takasaki Vehicle Center has Units 842 and 895, which are active in event trains and construction (temporary construction trains).
--Since Unit 895 is a spare machine for the royal train, it has a major feature of its appearance with decorations such as silver flue and hand pickpockets.

--We will reproduce the appearance of Unit 895, which is different from Unit 842.
-In combination with , you can enjoy the reproduction of event trains and test run trains that towed Oya 10.

[Product Features]
--The current appearance of Unit 895 belonging to the Takasaki Branch of the Takasaki Vehicle Center is a prototype.
-Reproduce the appearance that the runboard side, flue, and coupler unique to the spare machine are decorated in silver
--The vertical hand pickpockets on the side and under the door of the crew are white, and the other hand pickpockets are in silver.
--Reproduce the appearance with a fan cover, no whistle cover, and a wireless antenna attached to only one end
-The front hand pickpocket reproduces a curved shape different from Unit 842
--The H rubber of each window is reproduced in black
--Stable driving is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
--Headlights on
--Selectable license plate: [888] [895]
--Manufacturing name plate is [Mitsubishi] printed
--Head mark is attached to [DL Gunma Yokokawa] [DL Usui]

--Selectable license plate ... [888] [895]
--Headmark ... [DL Gunma Yokokawa] [DL Usui]
--Replacement knuckle coupler

[Organization example]
DD51 800 + 12 series passenger car Takasaki Vehicle Center

DD51 800 + 12 series passenger car Takasaki Vehicle Center + DD51 800

DD51 800 + Oya 12 + DD51 800

D51-498 + 12 series passenger car Takasaki Vehicle Center + DD51 800
* When connecting with D51, it is recommended that the dolly of DD51 does not have traction tires.
* Also, avoid back-to-back driving of D51 (driving for a long distance with the back) as it is easy to derail.

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--2016-A D51 498 (with secondary light)
--10-1720 Series 12 Passenger Car JR East Takasaki Vehicle Center

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